MakingPrecision ToolsFor 100 Years

Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. and its U.K.-based subsidiary, Cogsdill-Nuneaton, Ltd., design and manufacture specialty tooling for the metal machining industries:

  • Roller burnishing tools and machines (and diamond burnishing tools), for sizing, finishing, and work-hardening in seconds
  • Hole deburring tools and back-spotfacing tools, for edge break and burr removal on both sides of drilled holes in one pass
  • Shefcut precision reamers and precision boring tools, for accurate size, fine finish, and superior hole geometry
  • Automatic recessing tools and generating heads, for fast, accurate, and repeatable grooving, recessing, facing, and chamfering operations
  • ZX Systems, for boring, facing, and contouring operations in one set-up
Perform difficult machining tasks, and eliminate multiple set-ups and secondary operations. Produce better quality parts, with faster and more economical production. Standard, off-the-shelf tooling; custom tool design; applications engineering assistance; and worldwide service and support.